The Obama War on Seniors Continues

A comprehensive but short review of how Seniors face a world of pain because of the Presidency of Barack Obama

By Attorney Gil Davis, Fairfax, VA

Excepts from Keynote Remarks at the Wed., 4/24/13
Freedom Leadership Conference

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Those of you who are science fiction fans may recall that Mr. Spock liked to say “live long and prosper” to his friends, making some kind of a hand gesture that appears impossible for most of us to emulate.

With all due respect to Spock and the Star Trek fans out there, I’d like to share with you something often overlooked, especially in the more liberal parts of our country – like the White House and the Senate.

“Honor thy Father and mother” is not part of the 10 suggestions, but what Jews and Christians call the 10 Commandments, spelled out in the old Testament.

In fact, your and my well-being really does rest on how well we obey this commandment, for it is the only one with a clear promise.

The words are:

Honor your father and your mother

“Honor your father and your mother, that your days may be long in the land which the Lord your God gives you.”

Only the priority of honoring and worshiping our God has a higher priority in the bible.

And, if you really want to live long and prosper as Spock said, it appears pretty clear to me that this Commandment is telling us that we can best achieve this by honoring our father and mother.

Now I don’t mean to wax religious on you here, but I do accept the idea rejected by all on the left and by most nice liberals, that America was founded by those who believe in Judeo-Christian principles.

Let me put this into perspective.

When I say that our founders were Christians and that their beliefs, call it their philosophy or worldview, shaped the work they did in creating this wonderful Republic of ours, their adoption of the Declaration of Independence, the later adoption of a Constitution, what I mean is this.

If you follow literature, the great plays, speeches, books and the movies that many watch – and all of which influence people’s thinking to some extent, is it so farfetched to say, that those who wrote these were influenced in their writings, by what they believed?

We see this in the great writings of western civilization.

From Homer’s ancient epic poem The Iliad, the later Song of Roland, on to Washington’s Farewell Address, to Lincoln’s Gettysburg address and more recently on June 6, 1984 when President Ronald Reagan honored the U.S. Army Rangers who led the liberation of Europe at Pointe du Hoc, France.

We see how their beliefs shaped their words and the ideas they expressed, in best-selling books and movies like The Lord of the Rings, written by a devout Christian named J.R.R. Tolkien.  His fictional works, like those of his close friend C.S. Lewis, beloved by so many because of his best selling books and movies, The Chronicles of Narnia, were all shaped by his beliefs, his philosophy and his faith.

And today in America, we seem to have forgotten the principles which everyone after Homer, who I mentioned, believed in strongly, ideals spelled out clearly in that book read by the defenders of the Judeo-Christian western world, the Bible.

This is the one commandment that so very specifically tells us we will be prosperous only if we honor our parents, the  Commandment we forget at our peril.

Honoring your father and your mother is not a priority under the reign of President Barack Obama.

Obama war on seniors

No.  We have instead, an “Obama war on seniors.”

Let me tell you about how we go well beyond a simple failure to honor our parents, to the point that we are actually singling them out for hurt, and conducting a war against them.

Candidate for President John McCain four years ago called it “generational warfare.”

My purpose today, my hope, is to stir you to take further action in defense of thy father and mother, to honor and protect America’s senior citizens.

I mentioned speeches and writings which are epic in the history of civilization.

In my judgment, the war on seniors being conducted today, is willful and hurtful, and will make these times, live in infamy, if we do not stop them.

Let me list some of the weapons in this war on seniors, where they are being fleeced like lambs, or perhaps worse, butchered like chickens, with their life savings and even their breath being stolen away from them as Barack Obama spreads their wealth around to favor his preferred voting constituencies.

Killing Seniors Painfully

We now have an “Independent Payment Advisory Board” of 15 unelected bureaucrats at the Department of Health and Human Services charged with cutting costs and the growth of Medicare spending.  Their word is law and can only be overturned by a supermajority of Congress.  They will directly control what payments are made to doctors and hospitals.  The death panels have quietly arrived.

Illegals vs American Seniors

But when your new Obamacare subsidizes the unhealthy activities which put more people into hospitals sooner, you will get more of what is hurting and killing people.

When you help illegal aliens with Obamacare that sure sounds very generous.  But you know what?

All these extra expenses are being paid for by cutting back on the healthcare that senior citizens thought they’d earned by their lifetime contributions into the system.  Now we see all that money they put in, going to somebody else instead of to the people who thought they had earned it.

Death Tax: Thou Shalt not Steal

What other group in America faces an EXTRA tax of an EXTRA 50 percent, on top of the 25 to 50% of taxes they already paid on the money they managed to set aside?

And, when you think about it, this SNEAK TAX as I think of it, is aimed at people who have died, believing they would leave something as a legacy for their spouse or children.

How dare the liberals try to steal this money from seniors?

Hidden Tax on Seniors

The idea of overspending today and making their children pay the bill, is repugnant to seniors.  As seniors come to realize what is being done to their children, they are horrified.

Federal Reserve Taxes Seniors

But seniors are relying on the monthly income from their investments right now, rather than looking for long term, capital growth.  So they need to play it safe.

But under the Fed’s low interest rates policy, those safe investments they used to have didn’t pay much anymore.  So, many seniors invested in stocks, bonds and mutual funds, and lost a lot of money.

Unfair Tax on Working Seniors

Today 38 million senior citizens in retirement get a small social security retirement check.  Many no longer have enough in savings to make ends meet, as I just explained.

So, these seniors look for part time jobs.  Did you know that the government penalizes such extra work, by cutting back on his social security check?

So your savings and investments are penalized, your extra work is penalized.  Senior citizens are squeezed either way.

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