Save Money with an Exception to the Obamacare Law

Christians can save money on health care cost by taking advantage of an exception in the Obamacare law (Affordable Care Act).  Christians can join health care cost sharing groups.  Such groups existed before the Obamacare law and were made an exception of that law.  This may be a more affordable way to provide health care for you and your family.

Below here is a link to a chart with a comparison of the four major Christian health care cost sharing organizations.  There are smaller groups, too.  There are smaller groups specifically for Catholics, too.  The only Catholic group that I could find was based in the Cleveland area, but it claims to be able to help throughout the U.S.  This linked chart explains the differences among the four major groups.

I have been to Washington, DC several times and have met with representatives of each of these four major groups.  I have confidence in these four groups.  I am unable to say anything good or bad about smaller groups.  You can find other groups by searching the internet.

At the least, the chart at this link will help you to know what kind of questions to ask to a representative of any group that you want to check.  Hope this information helps you and those close to you.

Here is the link.

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