President Trump Urged to Cancel Mexico-USA Totalization Agreement


For release on or after: 12/1/17
For further info: Ronald Wilcox, Executive Director, (703) 672-3901
Full text of Letter to President Trump at website.

Millions of Americans to be robbed of social security benefits?

President Trump Urged to Cancel Mexico-USA Totalization Agreement

Letter to President Trump Announces Secure America Alliance Petition Drive to Cancel

“raid on Social Security Trust Fund to benefit Illegal Mexican workers”

The Secure America Alliance sent a letter today to President Donald Trump urging him to withdraw the United States from the Totalization Agreement with Mexico signed in Guadalaraja, Mexico on June29, 2004.  The letter from SAE Executive Director Ronald Wilcox was accompanied by the over 1,000 petitions signed by supporters.  The first 25,000 letters generated sufficient support, reported SAE, that another 100,000 letters should be in the mail in early 2018.

SAA asked the President to “notify the Mexican government that the United States is terminating the signed but not yet ratified Totalization Agreement with Mexico” because it is a “threat to the American Social Security system.”

The Totalization agreement, to become law, must be introduced before both Senate and House.  If neither body rejects it within 60 days, then it becomes law.

If Totalization becomes law, said the SAE letter, it would be “a magnet to attract more illegals to America.”  The letter to the President continues, “This agreement would give illegal Mexican workers in the USA the same social security benefits as Americans.  Even when they move back to Mexico.”

Secure America Alliance especially objects that the agreement “gives illegals in the U.S. full social security benefits after only 6 quarters – 18 months – of work in the USA.  While American workers have to be on the job for a much longer 40 quarters or 10 years (120 months) to be fully vested in the U.S. Social Security system.  Totally unfair to American seniors.”

Calling the secretive agreement “amnesty with cash,” the Secure America Alliance letter to President Trump said it would pay millions of dollars from the social security trust fund to illegals from Mexico who violated American law to come here and then many broke the law again with identity theft to get jobs.

“This ‘Totalization’ agreement would mean the bankruptcy of our Social Security system and either the end or the drastic reduction of benefits to those who spent a lifetime making payments into the Social Security System,” said SAE..

Secure America Alliance urged the President to “terminate this unfair Totalization agreement and serve notice that you are willing to negotiate a new agreement which is fair to both parties and which makes provision for Social Security benefits for legal workers in the United States only and protects American seniors.”

Secure America Alliance relies on donations from supporters to finance its work in defense of the interests of American senior citizens, and strongly supporters President Trump’s efforts to end the Obama-era “war on seniors” and to “make America great again.”  The full text of the letter to President Trump is available at the website,