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 Online petition - No Social Security Checks for Illegal Aliens
Talking Points Blog About Secure America Alliance

The Secure America Alliance project was founded in 2007 (yes, we're real new) to combat the threat to the Social Security system that the Totalization Agreement with Mexico creates.  This unequal Totalization Agreement with Mexico was signed at  a time when the very solvency of the safety net of the U.S. in in question,   This agreement could go into effect and into law at any time.  (See our Talking Points Blog for more information on this)

Our group was tapped for this urgent situation because of our grass roots expertise in building support and advocating for important public policy issues such as this.

Secure America Alliance is a project of the US Public Policy Council, a private non profit group founded in 1987 and organized under the 501(c)4 section of the internal revenue service code.