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Support Congressman Gallegly's HR709 to save Social Security from unfair "Totalization" agreement
1. Totalization agreement gives Social Security to Illegals
A Totalization Agreement was signed by the U.S. Commissioner of Social Security and the Director General of the Mexican Social Security Institute on June 29, 2004. It commits the U.S. to making payments to illegal Mexican workers after they have returned to Mexico upon their supposed "retirement". This agreement can go into effect very rapidly, so the situation is urgent.

2. Congressman Elton Gallegly working to save Social Security
Congressman Elton Gallegly introduced HR 709 to prevent Social Security raids and protect the integrity of the Social Security system through a Totalization agreement with Mexico. He is a rare leader in Washington, willing to earn the enmity of the political establishment of both parties to defend the national sovereignty interests of the United States and the social security benefits of those Americans who have worked a lifetime to earn them.

3. Congress must stop this taxpayer funded giveaway to illegals
Gallegly's bill would impact any new bill that became effective after January 1, 2007, including the above agreement with Mexico. It simply sets fair ground rules to consider in any future proposals or negotiations BEFORE consideration by the Congress.

4. US-Mexican Totalization agreement will destroy U.S. Social Security
The cost to taxpayers could be as high as $525 million in the first five years and as much as $650 million per year thereafter. This will cause a chain reaction of higher taxes to workers and potentially, cause dramatically reduced benefits to new U.S. retirees. These retirees who worked long and hard for these social security benefits would, under the agreement signed by the U.S. and Mexico (but not yet formally proposed to or approved by Congress) see their retirement funds snatched away and sent over the U.S.-Mexico border.

5. Why should Mexican illegals get a better deal than U.S. workers?
Gallegly's bill, the Total Overhaul of Totalization Agreements Law (TOTAL), would require that future new Totalization Agreements (including the one signed but not yet submitted) prohibit Social Security payments to foreign nationals unless they, like American citizens, legally work for 40 quarters in the U.S. (10 years) not 18 months.

6. HR709 Stops taxpayer funded incentives to illegal workers
Getting a better deal than legal Mexican citizens in Mexico and American citizens in America get working in their own country, it is very obvious that an unfair and one-sided Totalization Agreement would simply serve as a magnet to lure an ever increasing number of illegals to the United States in the next 40 years, as many as 110 million by some estimates.

7. Gallegly Proposes Fair Deal for legal foreign workers
Social Security taxes paid by foreign nationals and their employers would be transferred to their home countries under the Gallegly legislation. Similarly, the taxes paid by American citizens in foreign countries would be transferred into the U.S. Social Security system under his bill.

8. No U.S. Taxpayer subsidy for other Mexico Social Security System
Foreign workers will still receive retirement credit for the taxes they pay--which is only fair--but the U.S. taxpayer will not be forced to subsidize another country's social security system, nor would people who are here illegally get social security benefits.

Mexican Cross Border Raid on U.S. Social Security Benefits
Talking Points by Secure America Alliance:

1. Mexican President acts today same as bandit Pancho Villa in 1916
Mexican President Filipe Calderone's attempt to get the U.S. to make social security payments for Mexican illegal immigrants after as little as 18 months is the equivilant of a modern day cross border raid patterned after Mexican bandit Pancho Villa in 1916. In both cases, someone came over the border from Mexico illegally, robbed Americans, and then returned to Mexico and "safe haven".

2. U.S.-Mexico Agreement already signed giving SS Benefits to illegals
A "Totalization Agreement" was signed by the U.S. Commissioner of Social Security and the Director General of the Mexican Social Security Institute on June 29, 2004. It commits the U.S. to making payments to illegal Mexican workers after they have returned to Mexico upon their supposed "retirement".

3. Congress can still DISAPPROVE this taxpayer giveaway to illegals
In order for the Totalization agreement to become law, under section 233(e)(2) of the Social Security Act, the proposal does NOT have to be approved by the Congress; however either chamber may vote to DISAPPROVE such proposal within 60 days of its submission by the President. The President has not at this date submitted the proposal already signed between the two countries.

4. This "Cross Border Raid" will bankrupt U.S. Social Security
With as many as 20 million illegal Mexican workers in the United States, and upwards of 100 million more expected in the next 10 years, the proposed "Totalization" agreement to pay social security benefits to illegal Mexican workers will cost billions of dollars and easily bankrupt the Social Security Fund. If the Totalization Agreement is allowed to become law, there is a certainty that social security benefits to American workers will be stopped at some point in the future, or severely reduced, because of a lack of funding to pay all beneficiaries.

5. Cross Border Raid will make Mexican President very popular
The villainous Pancho Villa was and remains a popular figure in Mexico, because he ?stood up to the Colossus of the North.? The current President of Mexico, Filipe Calderone, will no doubt also increase his popularity if his modern day cross border raid ? this "totalization" agreement -- becomes law.

6. Where are U.S. Leaders to stop those helping destroy Social Security?
Some of America's most famous leaders got their start in the U.S.-Mexico war that resulted from the national mobilization to stop the evil Pancho Villa, such as Generals Jack Pershing (the leader of our World War 1 army in Europe), George Patton, Omar Badley. Such leaders are needed today to stop the modern day cross border raid.

7. Illegals will be vested in 18 months, not 10 years like US workers
Mexicans must work over 30 years to get vested in the Mexican Social Security System but as little as 18 months in the U.S. and then they can return home with a lifetime of Social Security Benefits paid for by U.S. taxpayers. Americans work 10 years or more for any benefits.

8. Pancho Villa was a thug. Mexican President acting like a thug also
Rather than a hero, Mexican bandit Pancho Villa murdered his first man at age 16, and was a thief, murderer and thug who stole from and killed Americans before running back over the Mexican border to enjoy his loot.

9. The Raid can succeed without any vote by Congress
Once the "Totalization" agreement is submitted to Congress, an affirmative vote will not be required to make it become law; its supporters (who control both chambers of Congress) simply have to bottle it up in committee without hearings or a vote, and both Senate and House would then never even vote or debate the proposal before it became law "without objection".

10. Arguments by U.S. supporters of Mexican Border Raid
Thus far the chief arguments of the proponents of giveaways such as this are the following: (a) these illegals are hardworking, (b) they have children, (c) we must be compassionate, (d) anyone who opposes their social welfare spending scheme is anti-immigrant, insensitive, racist, a member of the radical right, or some or all of these, and (e) we cannot enforce the law because the law is unrealistic anyway, so we should just ignore the law about immigration, and reward those here illegally with these new social security benefits.


Secure America Alliance --
SAA Stands against the Obama Administration War on Seniors.

Secure America Alliance Sponsored the Freedom Leadership Conference on 4/24/2013

Attorney Gil Davis Blasts “Obama War on Seniors” at 4/24 Freedom Leadership Conference

Gil Davis, who became very popular with conservatives across America because of his work for Paula Corbin Jones versus President Bill Clinton, will be the keynote speaker at the Freedom Leadership Conference on Wednesday evening, April 24 in Northern Virginia.

Gil Davis spoke out against the “War on Seniors” in behalf of this month’s sponsor, Secure America Alliance.  Ronald Wilcox, SAA Executive Director, reminds conservatives that Gil Davis’ largely uncompensated work for Paula Jones, won him a rare 9 to 0 victory before the Supreme Court and directly led to the impeachment (ie. indictment) of President Clinton and his disbarment by his peers of the Arkansas Bar Association for lying under oath during the battle.

Examples of “the war on seniors”
(which was addressed by Secure America Alliance speakers – Gil Davis plus panelists – are listed below:)

*the terrible effect of Obamacare on seniors;

*cuts in Medicaid and medicare by Barack Obama and his allies;

*how over spending causes inflation which hurts seniors living on fixed income, more than any other segment of society;

*how federal policy causes banks to give near zero interest rates to punish savings, hurting seniors more than anyone else;

*inheritance “death tax” which especially targets senior citizens;

*how government over-spending and policies towards savings, private companies and especially banks, devastate the value of real estate which seniors have spent their entire time investing in and paying off their mortgages.

*the “totalization” agreement signed with Mexico to give illegal aliens faster vesting rights than Americans in the U.S. Social Security even after they broke US law and then returned to Mexico – threatening to bankrupt the already underfunded Social Security Trust Fund and leave senior citizens with no retirement funds.

*other policies which hurt senior citizens such as the future “death panels” predicted by Sarah Palin and conservatives during the ObamaCare debate.

In addition to Gil Davis we had several other speakers participating in a panel discussion on Barack Obama’s War on seniors at the April 24 conference sponsored by Secure America Alliance.   The Secure America Alliance invited several different organizations active on these topics to join in the panel discussion.